Every chapter has its own puzzles, ranging from 1 to 39 chapters (40th chapter is a final scene, but no traps, obstacles and enemies). Respectively, it progresses from easiest to hardest. Chapters can be called checkpoints; they are automatically saved when a player finishes each to proceed across the continuous side-scrolling path.


Apparently, the chapters are unnamed, but the given titles are generic to specify the checkpoints scene and setting:  

  1. Awakening
  2. Lake Passage
  3. Bear Traps
  4. Deathly Rock
  5. The Spider
  6. Spider's Lair
  7. Interwovened Escape
  8. Pillars of Pain
  9. Flaming Roll
  10. Unmerciful Village
  11. Spider's Revenge
  12. Caged Victim
  13. Zombified Bait
  14. Killer Darts
  15. Double Gates
  16. The Parasite
  17. Rain Machine
  18. In the Flooding Chambers
  19. Worm's Command
  20. Rooftops
  21. Electric Letters
  22. Down the Glass
  23. Saw for the Zombie
  24. Upward Elevation
  25. Impassible Saw
  26. The Bug
  27. Factory World
  28. Shifted Industry
  29. Boulder by Gravity
  30. Dangerous Conveyors
  31. To the Perilous Rail
  32. Dark Rotation
  33. Machine Guns
  34. Gravitational Changes
  35. Magnetized Blocks
  36. Levitated Swing 
  37. Side of the World
  38. Timed Gravity Changes
  39. The Final Glass
  40. End of the Journey

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